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Does natural always mean safe?

Today, many different  over the counter supplement, herbals, and other products are being touted as natural. Does this mean that because they natural they are safe? The phrase could mean that the product is something that naturally occurs in the human body, or that it is derived from a natural source. However, natural does not always mean that it is safe.

Just like prescription products, unless OTC’s, herbals and other natural products are dosed appropriately they can interact with many different types of medications. Like drugs, herbals have their own side effects. They are largely unregulated, leaving room for gaps in quality between different products, which results in differences in safety and efficacy. 

If there are any herbals or natural products that you are currently taking and have any questions about whether they interact with prescription medications or other natural medications, ask our pharmacist or your physician for help. Both your doctor and pharmacist are well versed in this area of expertise.