Pain Creams
Compounding pain creams for topical use. Pain creams can be used for a handful of reasons including:
-Treat local pain issues rather than systemic pain issues
-Reduce drug dependency
-Alternative to patients that are allergic/made sick by ingested pain medications

Different combinations of pain creams can be used to treat different types of pain:
Nueropathic Pain: Ketamine and Lidocaine
Arthritis and Inflammation: Ketoprofen and Lidocaine
Professional Center Pharmacy has over 20 different pain creams and can work with you doctor to better prescibe a pain cream that will work best for you.

Hormone Replacement

Professional Center Pharmacy are experts with compounding Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapies (BHRT). We compound from a topical solution, all while working with your doctor to understand what would serve you best. Please contact us for questions and details.

Our compounds are formulated in a non-sterile compounding environment




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